Bristol City Council Backs Everyone Health Stop Smoking Service

It is an honour to receive such high praise from Bristol City Council for our Stop Smoking Service in Bristol. Following a standard performance review, the service excelled, with commissioners stating that the ‘service is doing exactly what we need,’ and declaring the data as ‘stunning’ and ‘fantastic’. The Bristol team are a testament to

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The History of Pride

It’s time to talk about Pride. The 1969 Stonewall Riots sparked the catalyst for change and is said to mark the beginning of LGBTQ+ movement and Pride celebrations in the UK and around the world today. At the very forefront of the movement was Storme DeLaverie and Marsha P. Johnson who are the reason so

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Mental Health and Pride

This Pride Month, we’re sharing valuable resources and information across our platforms to help build a safer and more inclusive future for LGBTQ+ communities. Today, we’re shedding the light on LGBTQ+ mental health and how LGBTQ+ communities can access mental health support. Mental health problems can affect any of us, but they’re more common in

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Everyone Health Staff complete the #WalkThisMay Challenge.

The EH staff deserve a huge round of applause after completing an amazing total of 2606 miles during the #WalkThisMay challenge for National Walking Month. We reached all the hotspots on our virtual tour within the month, and surpassed the target mileage which was 2498 miles. Great job team! The team took some amazing pictures

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